2017  race



Setting challenges to achieve progress is a typical approach for the University of Health Sciences in Vaud (HESAV). This challenge will be human, sporting, scientific and institutional: in June 2017 HESAV, together with several partners including the School of Engineering and Management Vaud (HEIG-VD), will take part in the hardest cycle race, Race Across America or RAAM, in the United States.

This highly unusual endurance race has been held for more than thirty years. It involves over three hundred cyclists from five continents crossing US territory from west to east, with thirty thousand meters of elevation. One of the characteristics of the race is the mix of amateur and professional cyclists of various ages in two categories: solo or team.

For HESAV, HEIG-VD and their partners, this is a unique chance to take part in a major sporting and media event, while including a health and sports sciences research project in the overall adventure. RAAM will therefore enable Vaud’s universities to strengthen both their skills and their international reach.

Raising money for charity is also a feature of the race – and one of HESAV’s goals. For those who choose to support the project, RAAM will provide excellent exposure. The proceeds of crowdfunding will enable HESAV to further develop research into disability sports for children.

This process fits perfectly into the policy of promoting physical activity among the population of Vaud, as well as raising the canton’s profile as an important research center for sports science and practice, with projects such as the international sports cluster “ThinkSport international” established at the Synathlon building in Dorigny and Lausanne’s hosting of the Youth Olympic Games in 2020.


The countless health benefits of practicing sports regularly are now recognized. Although many people would like to start or restart physical activity, the percentage of Switzerland’s population who do not practice any sport is rising*.

Against this backdrop of increasingly sedentary lifestyles, promoting physical activity has become a priority in Vaud.

Teampulse is part of this desire to encourage and value sport and thereby also make a real contribution to health promotion.


The Canton of Vaud has developed a sports competence center that is internationally renowned. It welcomes:

International institutions

  • International Olympic Committee
  • Olympic Museum
  • International House of Sport
  • International sports cluster “ThinkSport international”
  • 32 federations and 18 international sports organizations including the World Cycling Centre (WCC)

International compétitions

  • Athletissima
  • Lausanne Marathon
  • Montreux Volley Masters
  • Youth Olympic Games in 2020